Find out more about the latest model of Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor - Infinity - providing a throughput of 50 Gbps!

Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor enables transparent SSL/TLS traffic decryption for further analysis by DLP/IDS/IPS systems.

The appliance works in transparent bridge mode intercepting selected network traffic. SSL sessions pass through Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor transparently so the client software thinks it connects directly to the target server as it uses the original address of the target host. The decrypted network traffic is forwarded to the dedicated DLP/IDS/IPS device for evaluation. Wheel Lynx SSL Inspector encrypts data again and sends it over to the target server. The DLP/IDS/IPS systems can order Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor to terminate the connection. Unencrypted traffic, which can also pass through Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor, is forwarded to the IDS/IPS without being modified.


Main features

  • signed and self-signed certificates handling
  • Server Name Indication (SNI)
  • OCSP support
  • decrypt once feed many
  • selective whitelisting based on categories
  • network bypass
  • whitelisting source and target hosts
  • whitelist subscription service
  • supports connections initialized as encrypted (such as HTTPS) as well as protocols, which can begin encrypted transmission by executing the StartTLS command (e.g. SMTP)
  • TLS SNI (Server Name Indication) extension support


Supported protocols

  • SSL 3.0
  • TLS 1.0
  • TLS 1.1
  • TLS 1.2
  • TLS 1.3*


  • integrating SSL decryptor with DLP/IDS/IPS systems enables a thorough analysis of network traffic
  • decrypted traffic is analyzed for signs of security and data breaches
  • it is possible to detect viruses, unauthorized document copying as well as malware attacks